The Connected Calm Life

Finding pockets of connection and calm in an imperfectly perfect life.


Hi Friend. I'm Lane Kennedy, founder of the Connected Calm Life a program, podcast, and way of life, dedicated to changing women's lives. Here in this space, I create practices, and share how to live a full, rich, calm life without shouting at others (or at yourself), flipping people off, having road rage… or gulping it all down, all one moment at a time!  

Learn the skill set that’s needed in today's stressful, overcommitted, and complex world, The Connected Calm Breath.

Why join?

Become a part of a change that is needed in the world, where women are leading the way! Women thrive when we're calm, connected, and valued; we make clear decisions and support each other easily. Join us daily and often to change your life.

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