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Where "tired and fed up" Gen X women learn to live their best lives, without compromise!

Welcome to the Now What Society, where we teach you how to feel ten years younger, do what you love every day, and live your best life.

When you were growing up did you watch MTV? 

Was there a divorce in your family? 

Do you remember watching Facts of Life or Charlie’s Angels? 

Did you have dial-up internet or a stretchy phone cord? 

If you've said yes to any of these then you're just like us!

  • Are you feeling unbalanced at this stage in your life?
  • Are you frustrated with where you’re at in life and not getting what you want?
  • Are you tired of riding the emotional roller coaster?
  • Then we are your new best friends!

This community will help you:

  • Stop negative habits self-talk and self-sabotage
  • Breakthrough your fear of what’s next
  • Release your doubts and fears about the future
  • Slay your growth mindset
  • Learn to get your needs met, now!
  • Feel empowered and ready to love your new life

“Living in today’s fast-paced world is stressful…it sucks! I suffered from total burnout and unbearable inner rage had me on the edge of losing my shit, and unhappy every day. I felt broken. I found a new way to live. I developed inner peace and connection which allowed me to live a more intentional and mindful lifestyle. This is what I share with you in this space, Welcome.”

— Lane Kennedy, Founder

Why It Works:

As a member, you gain access to:

  • Community hosts who support you in learning how to get what you want, live stress-free, age backward, and create a new way of living that you love. 
  • A private, safe community where you can ask questions, post ideas, share your story, and be cheered on by another triple G.
  • The Triple G code of conduct.
  • Practical tools and proven frameworks for navigating life and feeling totally confident in your new fucking life!
  • Curated resources including book lists, favorite podcasts, playlists, and more.
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, and Hypnotherapy -- can you just say YES, please!  

Together we will create a new roadmap to your blissful life, let's do this.

Have you listened to our podcasts?

The Connected Calm Life

Lane Kennedy, Mindfulness Teacher and Calm Coach brings weekly mindful, calm moments and practices to support your life. She also has conversations with other women about living in recovery and beyond. In the longer conversation format, she and her weekly cohost dive into topics that matter. Topics include alcoholism, addiction, infertility, depression, postpartum, anxiety, children, and marriage situations... like divorce. Discover practices, tips, and ideas as you listen to other mothers, and guests who openly discuss their lives.

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Connected Calm Moment

Connected Calm Micro-Moments. 60 days/60 episodes of Mindfulness. Meditation. Astrology. Our favorite topics. Join us for micro-moments and new perspectives.

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You're Sober! Now What? 

Long Term Recovery takes time, but you’re not in this alone. Join Tamar Medford & Lane Kennedy as they engage in real conversation about what it takes to live in long-term recovery and how to get there. 

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About Lane Kennedy

Lane Kennedy is known as a modern-day calm maker aka your calm coach. She is your self-actualization mentor. She has helped thousands of stressed-out people achieve a renewed sense of deep, inner connectedness in order to bring a sense of fulfillment and peace into their lives. 

She began a successful modeling career in her early years and was graced with the gift of sobriety in her twenties. She has traveled the globe, founded successful companies, and pushed against the glass ceiling. Lane has been a meditator for over two decades and teaches publicly, and privately for Government Agencies, and corporations in San Francisco and abroad.

She lives in San Francisco with her family which includes two Irish wolfhounds, and her husband and twelve-year-old son.

About Tamar Medford

Tamar Medford is a certified Neuro Change Method™ Master Practitioner, National Director with Life In Balance Careers, Author, and Host of the You're Sober! Now What? Podcast. 

Since overcoming a 20-year battle with drug and alcohol addiction, she has dedicated her life to empowering women in recovery to master their minds so they can overcome their limiting beliefs and create a life so good for themselves they never want to go back to their old way of living. 

She lives in Vancouver, Canada but loves to work wherever her travels take her! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the point in joining? 

You get to hang out with us and we are rad! Get the heck off Facebook, stop the insanity of overwhelm and seeing stuff you don’t even care about, and we are more fun!

What if I can't make a gathering or webinars live?

Due to privacy, we do not record our virtual gatherings or coaching. However, all of the webinars will be recorded and posted for later viewing. The community and other resources will always be accessible.

Is the community on Facebook?

No, we are completely outside of Facebook, accessible from the web or your phone! Fuck-off Facebook. LOL.

What does the membership cost?

NWS community membership starts at $10 per month, with the option to add gatherings, coaching, and other features as needed. Bundling options or paying annually gives you the greatest savings! 

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time, but we do not offer refunds. 

How do I download the app?

Go here to download the app on iOS, and go here to download the app on Android.

Where do I find group coaching?

Group coaching and meditations are found within the community as an optional upgrade. 

Ready to join us?

Choose a subscription plan and get instant access to everything the Now What Society has to offer!

We can't wait to meet you. 

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